Frank PTY Ltd.

We started building Frank from the ground up almost 30 years ago. Today we are one of Melbourne’s best high end builders, delivering bespoke construction projects unlike any other.

Our approach to building is one of collaboration and inspiration. We work closely with clients and architects to build Melbourne’s finest luxury homes and deliver game-changing commercial and retail projects with an eye for the most cost effective solutions.

A long list of stunning completed boutique homes and residential developments has earned us a reputation as the premier luxury home builders in Melbourne. We are also trusted by the architectural firms changing the face of the city’s commercial and retail precincts.

Every project represents a new challenge for us. From bespoke residential transformations to premium retail and commercial spaces, we are always seeking to improve what we are capable of. With constant innovation in our building techniques and carefully selected materials, we are able to achieve things today we could only dream of 30 years ago.

It is this drive to do better that keeps us focused on being the best luxury home builder in Melbourne.


Who is Frank?

Right from the start, company founder Wes Alfredson has led a flexible and talented team of Melbourne’s best architectural builders. We undertake new building construction, interior fit outs for both residential and commercial projects, and renovations.

It’s no accident that our name, Frank, reflects the way we do business.

We believe collaboration and communication are the keys to delivering truly impressive high end building projects. At every stage of the process our team works closely with clients and architects to find creative construction solutions, maintain attention to detail, and ensure the project is progressing in line with expectations.

This approach to doing business with transparency, integrity and professionalism is the foundation of the many successful partnerships we have built.

In short, we are Melbourne’s trusted high end builders because we are Frank.


Considered Architectural Construction

Space is at a premium for commercial and residential projects, which presents Melbourne’s high end builders and construction companies with unique challenges. Plus, with environment impact considered a key element of modern design, the materials we build with must be carefully selected.

At Frank, we have spent 30 years building relationships with award-winning design firms. The inspired work we do with these leading companies enable us to be among the most sought-after Melbourne architectural builders across the residential and commercial sectors.

Our project gallery shows a selection of recently completed projects including luxury home builds and commercial transformations. Browse through some of those projects to understand what sets us apart from other high end builders in Melbourne. From feature elements designed to make an impact, right down to carefully crafted joinery detail that delights a keen eye, at Frank we believe in finding new ways to raise the benchmark.

Frank pays attention

Every project is approached with the same professionalism, integrity and direct communication, no matter the size or scale. Whether we are building a luxury home in the heart of Melbourne, renovating a holiday home on Mornington Peninsula, or fitting out a new CBD boutique to optimise space and maximise impact, we believe in always striving to do better and meet budget expectations.

Better materials, better management processes, better methods. Put it all together, and we get better results.


Excellence in Collaborative Builds

To remain at the forefront of Melbourne’s architectural building industry means constantly innovating and never resting on success. To find solutions that not only work functionally, but also create beautiful spaces, requires close collaboration throughout the project.

We are not only Master Builders but also qualified project managers and highly experienced tradespeople. We are interior design fanatics, appreciators of good architecture, materials experts, and safety gurus in high end building. We are all these things (and more) thanks to established relationships and a flexible team of hand-picked people.

Frank looks forward

At Frank, we thrill in finding new materials or more efficient ways to build. For the clients and architects who put their trust in us, that means a more productive building process and higher quality results. This could be the reason we have received numerous industry awards and constantly outperform other Melbourne architectural builders. Or that could be thanks to our direct and professional approach to doing business, which means clients and architects trust us to help guide decisions.

Whatever the reason, we are proud and humbled by our reputation for excellence. And we appreciate the relationships, built over decades, that enable us to continue changing the face of residential and commercial construction in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We have even crossed the Strait to Tasmania and journeyed to inner-city Sydney for recent projects, further demonstrating the strength of our reputation as environmentally conscious and highly innovative luxury builders.


Master Builders Melbourne

As registered Master Builders, Victoria Building Commission Registered Builders and HIA Gold Members, our reputation for quality is confirmed by the industry’s strict quality standards.


We highly value these industry memberships as a mark of excellence; however they also ensure we remain accountable to uphold the highest standards. Frank building projects stand out among Melbourne’s master building companies thanks to our superior construction skills, attention to detail and superior materials knowledge. We constantly seek to improve our offering in order to realise the visions of clients and architects with the best materials unfaltering work standards.

Frank to the front

Being a leader in the competitive and talented Melbourne high end building industry means we must always stay curious and committed. Our reputation is only as good as our last project. Over 30 years in the business we have developed a professional curiosity for creative building solutions, sustainable and high quality building material, and innovative construction techniques with budgets in mind.

Our diverse project portfolio is evidence of this. No two boutique builds are the same, and yet they all carry a distinguishing mark of Frank quality. We are specialist luxury home builders, commercial and retail transformation experts, renovation gurus and industry veterans. Above all else, we are Master Builders dedicated to building relationships with clients and architects based on quality, trust, and results above expectation.

Quite frankly, we are Frank.